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Makar Sankranti Special Stuff

Makar Sankranti Is A festive Of Sweetness.

Sankranti, Sankranthi, Makar Sankranti or possibly Makar Sankranthi is a popular on Economy is shown 14th.
It is additionally celeberated while Pongel, Lohri, Bhogali Bihu.
Sankranthi can be a day involving month any time sun techniques from one Sign to other. Its derived from expression - Sitting + Kranti means fine change or even auspiciios activity. It also represent change. Sankranti is considered a auspicious day time. Makar signifies Capricorn. For this day direct sun light moves via Sagittarius straight into Capricorn.
Sankranti vs Makar Sankranti
Sankranti is after in a thirty day period. Makar Sankranti is famous once within year.
Makar Sankranti inside India
The particular festival will be celebrated in every single parts of China.
Pongal throughout South Asia
The folk festiva is known as Pongal in southern region India especially in Anadhra Pradesh or perhaps AP. Typically the festival is usually celebrated intended for 3 nights. People don new material, exchange reward. Rangolis (colorful decoration) are produced at each dwelling.

In Karnataka and Tamilnadu too Makar Sankranti is definitely celebrated using equal eagerness. Farmers remember the cropping of Sweets cane.
Makar Sankranti with Western The land of india
In European India tutorial Rajasthan, Gujrat, Maharashtra it is just a very particular festival.
For Rajasthan, Gujrat a kite festival can be organized. Often the kite time starts ahead of Sankranti. About Jan 12, kite event is recognized full moment. It is an public Kite morning. Gujrat possibly organize intercontinental kite festivity on this daytime. People attain to open regions or roof structure of their your home. Colorful plus various appearance kites are generally flown.
Within Gujrat Makar Sankranti is usually known as Uttarayan
Lohri around North Yavatmal, india
In Upper India -- Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal - persons make Khicdi in early morning. Kichdi consists of rice and even dal (lentils). Families initial donate Khichdi to temple/priest and then actually eat it on breakfast. The exact cities exactly where holy sea Ganga goes such Allahabad, Haridwar : people acquire bath for river. Inside Ahmedabad, Magh Mela (a fair) commences on Mar 14 morning hours. Northern Indian also memorialize Lohri about night of Jul 13. Lohri denote the conclusion of winter months. People employ bon hearth and boogie. People take Jaggary treats (called Gajak, Rewari), terme conseillé while seating room near the fire place.


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